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Release of the ESC ON BOARD! logo

The guidelines for using the ESC ON BOARD! logo were approved at the ChooseESC! Plenary in July 2007 and the guidelines to the use of the logo apply in all marketing material, advertisements, articles and information material made available in print (magazines, newspapers), on the internet, via television, press releases and any other consumer-directed marketing communication.


The guidelines are:

  • The logo is the intellectual property of the FIA Foundation on behalf of eSafetyAware! platform.
  • eSafetyAware! grant permission to reproduce the logo to all individuals or organisations, subject to the defined specifications. 
  • The logo can be used by OEMs with ESC as standard in the full model range from entry range to top motorisation/ trim level (only for countries where this apply).  
  • The logo cannot be displayed in relation to the safety of other products or safety features than Electronic Stability Control systems.  
  • The correct spelling for ESC ON BOARD! is capital letters for the full text. There is always an exclamation mark after BOARD!  
  • The logo may not in any other way be altered.  
  • eSafetyAware! provide support in terms of sizing and colours of the logo.  
  • The logo can be downloaded from the ChooseESC! website (  
  • The FIA Foundation shall as chair of the eSafetyAware platform be the final arbiter of compliance with the above conditions. In cases of non-compliance, the FIA Foundation will by registered mail to the relevant user formally withdraw the permission to use the logo.

The guidelines can be found here: ppt (1802 KB)

The logo can be downloaded here: jpg (241 KB)

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