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 Visit the new website

For a campaign update on more eSafety technologies please visit the eSafety Challenge website. Here you have the possibility to get the latest news from the eSafety Challenge 2009 and the eSafety on Board campaign.

 Japanese ChooseESC! campaign launched

On 15 July 2009, the Japanese ChooseESC! campaign was kicked-off with a press conference in Tokyo.

 ESC compulsory in Australia from November 2011

On 23 June 2009, the Australian Federal Government announced that Electronic stability control (ESC) will be mandatory from 1 November 2011 for all new passenger vehicles and SUVs sold in Australia, and for all models from November 2013.

 Canadian Insurer BCAA lowers rates for ESC-equipped vehicles

BCAA (British Columbia Automobile Association) is the first insurer in Canada to offer ESC insurance premium discounts.

 ESC presented to EU Transport Ministers in Litomerice/CZ

The functioning and safety benefits of ESC where presented to EU Transport Ministers at their informal meeting in Litomerice/CZ on 29 April 2009.

 ChooseESC in UK Government Consultation

On 21 April 2009, the UK Government launched a consultation called: "A Safer Way: Consultation on Making Britain’s Roads the Safest in the World". The paper highlights the importance of ESC in reducing fatalities.

 Launch of the ESC Campaign in China

On 16 April 2009, a Chinese ESC campaign to promote the life-saving technology Electronic Stability Control (ESC) was launched at Beijing Proving Ground for Highway and Traffic (BJPG). The launch was attended by Jean Todt, President of eSafetyAware, and Global Road Safety Ambassador Michelle Yeoh.

 New eSafetyAware President Jean Todt to attend Chinese ESC event

On 16 April, eSafetyAware's new President Jean Todt will speak at the launch of the ESC campaign in Beijing, China.

 ChooseESC for UK fleet managers

On 31 March 2009, the second regional press & fleet event for the UK Department of Transport’s “Driving for Better Business” (DfBB) campaign was held at Hendon/UK. The DfBB campaign incorporates the ChooseESC! campaign.

 Canada proposes compulsary ESC from 1 September 2011

On 13 March 2009 Canada has proposed a new safety regulation, requiring that Electronic Stability Control (ESC) be installed as standard equipment on all light-duty vehicles from 1 September 2011.

 ESC compulsory in Europe from 2011

On 10 March 2009, Members of the European Parliament voted for a compulsory introduction of ESC in all new types of vehicles from 1 November 2011, and for all new vehicles from 1 November 2014.

 Euro NCAP pushes for ESC through the new rating system

Euro NCAP has officially launched a new overall car safety rating on 18 February 2009 in Brussels. The system is a new approach to rating safety performance and will challenge vehicle manufacturers to make all-round safer cars. Under the new system, Safety Assist represents a new area of assessment.

 ChooseESC! at CLEPA Technology Day in Brussels

On 11 February 2009, ChooseESC! took part in the CLEPA Technology Day in Brussels.

 Car Manufacturers start using ESC promotional logo

Car manufacturers in Europe have started to use the "ESC on Board" logo developed by the eSafetyAware! platform. The logo can be used in all marketing material, advertisements, articles and information material made available in print (magazines, newspapers), on the internet, via television, press releases and any other consumer-directed marketing communication.

 ESC penetration rates improved in 2008

The recently published ESC penetration rates for new car registrations in Europe show a slight improvement. The overall installation rate increased from 50% in 2007 to 53% in the first half of 2008.

 Luxembourg launches national ESC campaign

The Minister of Transport Mr Lucien Lux made the opening speech of the campaign 28 January 2009 at the Colmar Berg driving centre where the press also had the opportunity to experience ESC on the test track.

 ChooseESC! at ERTRAC Conference in Brussels

Around 100 representatives from the automotive industry, road infrastructure, local and national government, research, NGOs, academics and the European Commission participated in the ERTRAC Conference on 26 January 2009 in Brussels.

 New ChooseESC! Brochure

A new ChooseESC brochure has been published today (12 January 2009), featuring campaign endorsements of racing legends such as 7-times Formula One Champion Michael Schumacher and 5-times Rally World Champion Sébastien Loeb.

 The 2008 Road Safety Expo a success

The yearly road safety expo took place 1 December in London.

 New ChooseESC! campaign video

A new version of the 2008 ChooseESC campaign video has been launched today, 11 December 2008.

 MEPs want compulsory ESC in Europe from 2011

On Tuesday, 2 December 2008, MEPs voted for a compulsory introduction of ESC in all new types of vehicles from 1 November 2011, and for all new vehicles from 1 November 2013. This is one year earlier than originally foreseen in the Commission proposal.

 ChooseESC! campaigning in the US

eSafetyAware and FIA Foundation promoted ESC at the 15th ITS World Congress 17 to 20 November 2008 in New York city. More than 8500 transportation officials and industry leaders from 45 countries participated in the event.

 ChooseESC! presented to automobile clubs from around the world

The ChooseESC! campaign was present in Paris 5 & 6 November 2008 where more than 100 Automobile Clubs from all over the world participated in the annual meetings of both the FIA and the FIA Foundation.

 Commissioner Reding award three eSafetyAware partners with "Saving Lives Awards"

On 5 November 2008, European Commissioner Mrs. Viviane Reding rewarded personalities and organizations who made outstanding contributions to improve road safety based on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

 Euro NCAP: no 5-stars anymore without ESC

On 5 November 2008, Euro NCAP released details about its new car safety rating. From 2009, the achievement of five stars will no longer be possible without the standard fitment of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) in the majority of variants sold.

 Promoting ChooseESC in Crete

From 27-31 October 2008, the ChooseESC! campaign took part in a road safety exhibition held in the famous venetian harbour of Chania Harbour (Crete). The exhibition was part of the International Road Safety Symposium "Making Roads Safe...Towards Zero Fatalities on the Road".

 Canada launches national ESC campaign

The Canadian automobile club CAA and eSafetyAware partner Transport Canada hosted the launch of the Canadian campaign with a live demonstration event in Toronto, Canada 30 October 2008.

 ChooseESC! regional press event in Exeter/UK

On 17 October 2008, eSafetyAware partners ROADSAFE and Bosch UK organised a regional press event in the scope of the "Driving for better Business (DfBB)" campaign at the Devon driving centre near Exeter.

 eSafety promotion at ITS conference in Shanghai

Road safety is of growing concern in China where measures to reduce the increasing number of road deaths gets high priority. eSafetyAware and the FIA Foundation promoted ESC at the International Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) conference and exhibition in Shanghai 15-17 October 2008.

 ChooseESC at European Road Safety Day

On 13 October 2008, the ChooseESC campaign took part in the European Road Safety Day in Paris/France.

 ChooseESC! at VAB Safety Days in Belgium

On 11/12 October 2008, eSafetyAware partner Bosch participated with the ChooseESC! campaign in the "VAB Safety Days" in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. Nearly 800 people used the chance to get a free ESC demonstration ride.

 World Rally Champion Sébastien Loeb continues his support to the ESC campaign

World Rally Champion Sébastien Loeb demonstrated the safety gains of ESC during a ChooseESC! event in Salua, Spain 2 October 2008 during the Catalunya Rally.

 Marko Asmer supports ESC campaign launch in Estonia

The BMW Sauber F1 Team driver Marko Asmer demonstrated the benefits of ESC at an event in Tartu, Estonia 3rd October 2008 in front of a large number of road safety and automotive experts and the press.

 ChooseESC at OECD/ITF high-level seminar

On 26 September 2008, David Ward, Director General of the FIA Foundation and President of eSafetyAware, spoke at a high-level seminar hosted by the International Transport Forum (ITF) and the OECD in Paris.

 ChooseESC at VAB Autohappening in Zolder, Belgium

eSafetyAware partner Bosch promoted the ChooseESC! campaign at the VAB Autohappening at the race-track of Zolder (Belgium) on 20/21 September 2008.

 eSafetyAware partners discuss future campaign priorities

eSafetyAware partners met at a workshop 18 September 2008 to discuss cooperation with key stakeholders and to define priorities for future campaigning.

 Honda demonstrates Collision Mitigation Brake System

Honda and Tehnische Universitat Darmstadt invited eSafetyAware to experience the Honda Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS) in Munich 17 September 2008.

 "ESC for all" Seminar in Switzerland

The Swiss Automobile Club TCS organised a seminar "ESC for all" at its driver training center in Niederstocken/CH on 4 September 2008.

 ChooseESC! in Slovenia

On 1 September 2008, the ChooseESC campaign was presented during the inauguration of the AMZS driving center in Slovenia.

 ChooseESC! at Rockingham racing circuit

Thousand of visitors to Rockingham will be greeted with the ChooseESC! dummy as part of the Northamptonshire (UK) circuit’s ongoing campaign to raise awareness of the in-car safety technology.

 University of Iowa to investigate the effectiveness of ESC in heavy trucks

University of Iowa College of Engineering is currently conducting a study investigating the extent to which heavy trucks can benefit from ESC systems.

 VW America makes ESC standard on entire 2009 line

ESC will be standard equipment on every 2009 model year Volkswagen vehicle – passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, and minivans - sold in the US.

 ChooseESC! at UK Fleet Manager Event

eSafetyAware member Bosch presented the ChooseESC! campaign during the Mercedes Benz Van Experience (9-20 June 2008) in Warwick/UK.

 Australian Government moves a step closer to make ESC compulsory

The Australian Government has adopted a new international regulation on electronic stability control (ESC). The regulation was signed by the Government at the World Forum for Harmonisation of Vehicle Standards in Geneva (WP.29).

 ESC Symposium in Brussels visited by more than 220 international experts

The ESC Symposium in Brussels 1 July 2008 was visited by more than 220 stakeholders to discuss strategies for deployment of eSafety technologies. More than 500 visitors took the opportunity to visit the public exhibition.

 European Parliament adopts Intelligent Car Report

The European Parliament has discussed and voted on an own-initiative report regarding European Commission’s Intelligent Car Communication.

 ChooseESC! at Renault World Series in Silverstone

ChooseESC! campaign was represented at the Renault World Series in Silverstone.

 Global Technical Regulation for ESC approved

WP 29 of the UNECE voted 26 June 2008 in favour of the proposal for a GTR for ESC. This is an important step in the effort to make ESC mandatory for all new cars.

 ChooseESC! at the ECTA Annual Conference

ChooseESC! campaign was presented to ECTA delegates, which included the owners and chief operating managers of major European chemical transport companies.

 World Rally Champion Sébastien Loeb supports ESC campaign

World Rally Champion Sébastien Loeb demonstrated the safety gains of ESC during ChooseESC! event in Athens, Greece.

 ChooseESC! presented at the Shell Eco-Marathon

eSafetyAware! member, Bosch presented the ChooseESC! message at the Shell Eco-Marathon.

 Car dealers are failing to tell their customers about ESC

A study funded by the FIA Foundation and published by ADAC shows that car showrooms across Europe are failing to tell their customers about the importance of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) despite the key role in cutting road deaths acknowledged by the EU.

 ChooseESC! activities presented at the 7th ITS Europe congress in Geneva

ChooseESC! was present with a stand at the ITS Europe congress 4-6 June 2008.

 ChooseESC! at Madrid Motorshow

During the Madrid Motorshow (22 May - 1 June 2008),eSafetyAware! partners Bosch and RACC organised ESC promotional activities.

 International Road Safety Symposium from 27-31 October 2008 in Chania, Crete.

From 27-31 October 2008 the International Road Safety Symposium, ‘Making Roads Safe...Towards Zero Fatalities on the Road’ will be held in Chania, Crete.

 ESC to become mandatory also in Europe

The European Commission is now ready with a proposal for mandatory fitting of Electronic Stability Control.

 ChooseESC! at the Science Fair in Madrid

From 24-27 April 2008, eSafetyAware! partner Bosch presented the ChooseESC! campaign during the “Madrid is Science” exhibition in Madrid/Spain.

 ChooseESC! at the FIA Conference week in Lucerne

The eSafetyAware! Secretariat presented the ChooseESC! campaign at the FIA International Conference Week (5-8 May 2008) in Lucerne/Switzerland.

 ChooseESC! information distributed in the ADAC shops

The ChooseESC member ADAC has been distributing campaign material to their members through the shop in Dresden and will soon also distribute this information from their shop in Sachsen.

 ChooseESC! at the Vallelunga circuit, Italy

The Italian ChooseESC! campaign was launched by ACI on 6th May 2008 at the Vallelunga Circuit in Italy.

 ESC becomes part of new car assessment in Japan

On 21st April NASVA (National organisation for Automotive Safety and Victim's Aid) affiliated to MLIT, held a Press conference in Tokyo and announced to include ESC into JNCAP.

 ChooseESC! presented at ESC demonstration in Ireland

On 29 April 2008, at an event at Mondello Park in Cork, Ford Ireland chief Eddie Murphy has called on legislators to make Electronic Stability Control (ESC) mandatory on cars across Europe.

 ChooseESC! at the Autosalon in Bratislava

On 15 April 2008, the two Slovakian Automobile Clubs SATC and SAMŠ presented the ChooseESC! Campaign at the opening day of the Bratislava Autosalon.

 ChooseESC at the International Club Conference in Antwerp

ChooseESC stand at the International Club Conference in Antwerp

 ChooseESC presented at press conference at transport research event in Ljubljana

The ChooseESC campaign and the progress of raising awareness on ESC was presented to the press during the Transport Research Arena conference in Ljubljana 23 April 2008.

 Italian consumer survey on ESC

The Automobile Club d'Italia (ACI) is running a consumer survey on its website to find out how much people know about ESC.

 MEPs want 100% availability of ESC by 2012

On 8 April 2008, the Transport Committe of the European Parliament adopted the report of rapporteur Zita Gurmai MEP on "The First Intelligent Car Report".

 ChooseESC! at Commission Award Ceremony in Luxembourg

Viviane Reding, European Commissioner and Patron of the ChooseESC! campaign, presented yesterday driver training certificates to eight EU citizens who had won the Intelligent Car Quiz of the Commission.

 NAPP Pharmaceuticals make ESC mandatory on all their vehicles

Jill Grimes, fleet co-ordinator at Napp Pharmaceuticals and chairman of the company-s fleet committee, said: "What price can you put on a life? If just one life is saved as a result of the company making ESC on all new vehicles compulsory then the right decision has been made."

 Transport Canada Releases New Video on ESC

Transport Canada released 10 March 2008 video footage that demonstrates the benefits of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) on dry, snow-covered and wet pavement.

 Proposal for a global technical regulation on ESC is expected for June 2008

Presentation of ChooseESC at the UNECE WP29 meeting 11 March 2008 in Geneva. WP29 is responsible for finalising a Global Technical Regulation (GTR) on ESC a work which is of high importance for the future international legislative efforts.

 eSafetyAware gets registered as non profit association in Belgium

Based on the increased workload and the more complex administrative tasks it has been decided by the eSafetyAware members to register the platform in Belgium as a non profit association (ASBL).

 Insurance in Wisconsin, US introduces discount for cars with ESC

Farmers Group, Inc. announced that it is offering an auto insurance discount from 1 February 2008 to its customers and future customers who have vehicles equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

 ESC on top of the agenda in Brussels

The European Commission and the Parliament agrees on getting ESC in all cars in Europe.

 ESC mandatory for all new cars in Victoria/Australia by 2011

From 2011 all new cars in Australian's state Victoria will have to be equipped with the Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

 Commission publishes contributions from ESC consultation

In August 2007, the European Commission launched an internet consultation to seek the views of the stakeholders on an outline proposal for a new Regulation on Tyres and Advanced Safety Features, including ESC.

 ChooseESC! at Préventica

From 22-24 January 2008, the ChooseESC! campaign was presented at "Préventica" in Lille/France.

 ESC penetration rates improved in 2007

The recently published ESC penetration rates for new car registrations in Europe show a slight improvement.

 ChooseESC! campaign hosted by the European Parliament in Strasbourg

ChooseESC! started 2008 with a spectacular event in the European Parliament in Strasbourg involving more than 100 participants from the Parliament, ChooseESC! members and the press.

 eSafetyAware! and the ChooseESC! has moved to new office facilities

eSafetyAware! and ChooseESC! moved office from 1 January 2008.

 FIA World Prize 2007 awarded to eSafetyAware! partner Bosch

The FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) Academy has awarded its annual World Prize for Road Safety, the Environment and Mobility to German technology group Bosch for its outstanding contribution to the promotion of road safety.

 Strong focus on the ChooseESC! campaign at the Bologna Motorshow

An ESC simulator and five dummies with their girlfriends were participating in Bologna to target young drivers and show them the benefits of ESC.

 Canada decides only to use the name ESC for Electronic Stability Control systems

Transport Canada has decided to eliminate consumer confusion over automotive stability control systems and use now only ESC.

 ChooseESC! presented at the Road Safety Expo

eSafetyAware! Chairman David Ward presented the progress of ESC deployment at the Road Safety Expo in London 22 November 2007.

 Spanish ChooseESC! campaign has been launched

The ChooseESC! members RACC and Bosch launced the Spanish ESC campaign "¡Exija ESC!" on 28 November in Madrid with F1 driver Pedro de la Rosa as key supporter.

 Agreement on ESC for all new trucks and coaches

The safety of European registered trucks and tourist coaches will be greatly improved as a result of an agreement reached at a United Nations meeting in Geneva to equip new vehicles with ESC systems. It is estimated that equipping these vehicles with ESC could ultimately save over 500 deaths and 2500 serious injuries per year in the European Union.

 Road map for eSafety deployment discussed in Brussels

Choose ESC presented as best practice example for awareness raising at the Implementation Road Map Working Group workshop in Brussels 14 November 2007.

 New Australasian study confirms the effectiveness of ESC

A landmark Australasian study conducted by the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) has confirmed Electronic Stability Control (ESC) systems reduce the risk of single vehicle crashes by up to 50 per cent.

 ESC event in Slovenia

During an event organised in Ljubljana, the Slovenian automobil club AMZS presented the ESC technology to the candidates for the President of Slovenia, and to the public.

 ChooseESC! launch in Spain

On 28 November 2007, eSafetyAware! partners RACC and Bosch will launch the ChooseESC! campaign in Spain.

 ChooseESC! status presented at the FIA Foundation Annual General Meeting

Status of the ChooseESC! campaign was on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting of the FIA Foundation 25 October 2007 in Paris.

 Canadian stakeholders move forward on ESC campaigning

eSafety stakeholders met 22 October 2007 in Ottawa to discuss strategies for ESC deployment and awareness activities.

 ChooseESC! video trailer released

A trailer (30 sec) of the ChooseESC! video has been released.

 ChooseESC! at College in Heilbronn

On 23 October, Gerhard Rollmann from eSafetyAware! partner SARA presented the ChooseESC! campaign in Heilbronn.

 ChooseESC! at Equip Auto

From 15-20 October, the ChooseESC! campaign was presented at the French Equip Auto.

 ChooseESC! presented in China

The ChooseESC! campaign was presented at the ITS World Congress and Exhibition in Beijing 11 October 2007 as part of a special session on the progress of the European Commission Intelligent Car Initiative.

 ChooseESC! at 9th American Congress in Santiago de Chile

Rita Cuypers from the FIA Foundation presented ChooseESC! to the 9th American Congress held in Santiago de Chile on 24 and 25 September. Hosted by the Automobile Club of Chile (ACCHI), this Congress annually gathers the automobile clubs of Latin America, the US and Spain.

 ChooseESC! at ARC Sport Event in Liège

A ChooseESC! volleyball team participated in the ARC Transistance sport event in Liège/Belgium on 29 September 2007.

 ChooseESC! in Zolder/Belgium

More than 1,000 people experienced the effectiveness of ESC in free test rides offered during the VAB Happening on 22/23 September at the Circuit of Zolder (B).

 ChooseESC! in Versailles

During ESC live demonstrations in Versailles/France on Saturday, 22 September, end-users had a rare opportunity to experience the benefits of ESC. Professional drivers offered free test rides.

 European Commission launches iCar Quiz

Under the theme "Smart car, smart driver? Test your knowledge and win!", the Commission has designed an animated iCar quiz to inform about ICT applications and how new technologies, such as ESC, can make cars safer, cleaner and smarter.

 German Chancellor supports ESC as Europe takes action

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has given her support to the Choose ESC! campaign.

 ESC deployment progress discussed in Versailles

David Ward, Chairman of the ChooseESC! campaign and Director General of FIA Foundation presented at the eSafety Forum meeting 18 September 2007 some of the key challenges for ESC deployment in Europe.

 The Commission wants to see ESC in all cars from 2012

The European Commission outlined on 17 September the new plans to accelerate the drive for safer, cleaner and smarter cars. The plan is to make Electronic Stability Control available in all new cars from 2012.

 In Denmark ESP becomes ESC

The Danish automobile club FDM and the car magazine Motor decided to stop using the name ESP as they have chosen to use the more international name ESC as the future name for Electronic Stability Control systems.

 More language versions of the ChooseESC! leaflet are now available

The ChooseESC! leaflet has been published in Dutch, Slovakian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian. In total, 16 language versions are now available.

 ChooseESC! at VAB Happening in Zolder/Belgium

On Sunday, 23 September, eSafetyAware! partner Bosch will participate in the VAB Happening at the Circuit of Zolder/Belgium.

 ChooseESC! at Renault World Series in Donington

During the Renault World Series weekend in Donington Park Circuit (UK) on 8-9 September 2007, eSafetyAware! partner Bosch featured strongly the ChooseESC! message to the 135,000 spectators.

 European Commission consults on ESC

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on outline proposals for a Regulation on Advanced Safety Features (including ESC) and Tyres. The main proposals would include Electronic Stability Control to be a requirement on most new passenger and goods vehicles.

 Coroner pleads for ESC on all cars in Australia

Victoria's chief coroner Graeme Johnstone has called on all car manufacturers and importers in Australia to fit electronic stability control (ESC) as standard, stating it is “technology we must have”. Johnstone said between 50 and 100 lives could be saved every year in Victoria alone if all vehicles were fitted with ESC.

 Seven new language versions of the ChooseESC! video published

The ChooseESC! video (short version) has now been published in seven more languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek Portuguese and Polish.

 ChooseESC! at the Frankfurt Motorshow IAA

eSafetyAware! members Continental, DVR, Bosch and ADAC presented the ChooseESC! campaign with various activities at the IAA in Frankfurt.

 ChooseESC! leaflet available in 9 languages

Beside the original English version, the ChooseESC! leaflet is now also available in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Greek and Czech.

 Slow progress on standard ESC fitment in the UK

There is slow progress being made on standard fitment of ESC in the UK car market, says the British Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre (Thatcham).

 ChooseESC! in Slovenia

The Slovenian motoring club AMZS has incorporated the ChooseESC! campaign into their programme "Family hour".

 ChooseESC! at Parliamentary Evening in Stuttgart

The ChooseESC! campaign was introduced to members of the Parliament of Baden-Württemberg/Germany by eSafetyAware! member DEKRA.

 Hyundai and Rockingham Circuit join Campaign

In it's last Plenary meeting, the eSafetyAware! platform - the organisation behind the ChooseESC! campaign - welcomed two new members.

 ChooseESC! launched in the UK

On 25 July 2007, eSafetyAware! partners RoadSafe, Bosch, Thatcham, Department of Transport (DfT) and Rockingham Circuit organised the UK launch of the Choose ESC! campaign as part of the "Driving for Better Business" initiative.

 The "ESC On Board!" logo has been released

The guidelines for using the "ESC on Board!" logo have been published.

 ChooseESC! presented in Greece

eSafetyAware member,ICCS promoted the “Choose ESC!” campaign and it message at the R&D exhibition organised by the Greek Ministry of Development in Athens.

 European Commission ready to launch proposal for ESC

Günter Verheugen mentioned a speech 27 June in Brussels that the Commission will come forward with proposals to introduce Electronic Stability Control into all new vehicles.

 ChooseESC! presented at Toyota Technology Seminar

The “Choose ESC” campaign was one of the key-topics during Toyota’s second Technology Seminar (4-8 June 2007) in Berlin, Germany.

 DfT study reveils ESC technology could cut road deaths by up to a quarter

New research, published today, has found vehicles equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) are 25% less likely to be involved in a fatal accident than those without it. If every vehicle on UK roads were fitted with ESC, this would equate to approximately 380 fewer fatal accidents each year.

 Final rules for ESC in the US available

NHTSA has published the final rules for Electronic Stability Control Systems Controls and Displays

 New working group to establish global standard for ESC

A new working group has been formed under United Nation (WP29) to establish a Global Technical Regulation for ESC.

 More stakeholders apply to join eSafety awareness activities

The eSafetyAware members will meet again next time 4 July in Brussels to evaluate the ChooseESC campaign activities and to evaluate the new applications to join the eSafetyAware platform.

 ChooseESC! videos released

Three ChooseESC! video versions have been released and is being shown to stakeholders and end users throughout the world.

 ALD calls for fleets to make ESC mandatory

ALD Automotive is calling on all businesses to have electronic stability control as a mandatory feature on company cars.

 ChooseESC! campaign successfully launched

The ESC campaign was successfully launched in Rome, Italy 8th May 2007.

 ChooseESC! website launched

All background material, press releases, ESC availability surveys, the ESC video, images and much more is now available on the ChooseESC! website.

 4.000 lives can be saved on Europes roads

4,000 road traffic deaths could be avoided if all cars in Europe were equipped with Electronic Stability Control says ‘ChooseESC!’ campaign.

 Announcement of the ChooseESC! campaign

First announcement of the Choose ESC! Campaign made at the Geneva Motor Show 7 March 2007.

 ESC - most promising eSafety technology

ESC has been hailed as the most promising eSafety technology on the market.

 GM to pay more than 360.000 EUR to family

General Motors Corp. will pay more than 360.000 EUR to the parents of a 7-year-old girl who was killed along with her stepmother when their sport utility vehicle rolled over five years ago near the California-Arizona border in the US.

 ESC campaign as first activity of eSafetyAware!

New platform brings together stakeholders from the public sector, automotive suppliers and users.

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 Release of the ESC ON BOARD! logo