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Launch of the ESC Campaign in China


On 16 April 2009, a Chinese ESC campaign to promote the life-saving technology Electronic Stability Control (ESC) was launched at Beijing Proving Ground for Highway and Traffic (BJPG). The ESC campaign is part of the National Road Safety Action Plan launched recently by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), and the Ministry of Transport (MOT), and aims to raise awareness of ESC and increase the take-up of this technology. The launch was attended by Jean Todt, President of eSafetyAware, and Michelle Yeoh, Global Ambassador for the "Make Roads Safe" campaign.


At least 40% of fatal road accidents are the result of skidding. Studies show that ESC could reduce skidding accidents by up to 80%. However, there is a slow take-up rate of this technology with only 11% of all new cars in China sold in 2008 with ESC. Wang Xiaojing, Deputy Director-General of Research Institute of Highway, MOT said: “There is no doubt that ESC can play a major role in saving lives on Chinese roads and could contribute significantly to our goal to reduce the number of road traffic fatalities. But to achieve this, much more needs to be done to inform the consumer about why they must choose ESC when buying a new car, as ESC cannot be retrofitted.”


Jean Todt, Michelle YeohJean Todt, President of eSafetyAware said: “Buying a car that is ESC equipped is in every driver’s interest, as you never know when a dangerous situation might occur. I myself will always choose to equip my car with ESC, as my safety and that of my family comes first.”


The campaign, which particularly focuses on new car buyers, has been strongly endorsed by actress Michelle Yeoh. Having enjoyed a test ride with Chinese Rally Champion Jin Gang, demonstrating the safety gains of a car with ESC compared to a car without ESC, Michelle Yeoh said: “This very simple yet important piece of technology can make a difference in the number of road accidents that occur and the number of people that lose their lives in traffic accidents. As an ambassador for road safety, I strongly support the wide deployment of this life saving technology. ESC represents three letters that could one day save your life...”


Signing ceremony MoUThe launch event also saw the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between ITS China, FASC, eSafetyAware and FIA Foundation on the deployment of ESC in China. This will be the starting point for a number of ESC demonstration events throughout China where drivers will get a first hand experience of the benefits of having a car which is ESC equipped.


Another feature of the campaign launch was the release of a Chinese end-user survey on active safety. The survey reveals that safety is the number one criterion for Chinese when purchasing a new car. However, 44% had never heard of ESC. But after the benefits of ESC were explained, 78% said that ESC is an important safety equipment when buying their next car. Denton Shen, General Manager of CBC Marketing Research China said: “This underlines once more how important it is to inform the consumers about the benefits of ESC. All stakeholders from road safety authorities, car manufacturers and media play a pivotal role in increasing the awareness of Chinese car buyers .”



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For more information:

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