This project has now ended. Read on to discover its highlights and achievements.

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ChooseESC! Campaign Video 2008 - short version (2.42 min)

English     wmv (10.1 MB)  Download  mov (53 MB)   wmv (55 MB)


ChooseESC! Campaign Video 2008 - long version (4.58 min)

English  QuickTime (27 MB) 

French      wmv (24.5 MB)

German    wmv (24.5 MB)

Spanish    wmv (30.1 MB)

Italian       wmv (24.5 MB)

Greek        wmv (24.5 MB)

Chinese    wmv (24.5 MB)

ChooseESC! Trailer (30 sec)

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ChooseESC! - Campaign Video 2007 - short version (2.42 min)

English          wmv      mov     Download (13,5 MB)  Download high quality (146 MB) 

German         wmv      mov     Download  (14 MB) 

French           wmv      mov     Download (14 MB) 

Italian            wmv     mov      Download  (14 MB) 

Spanish          wmv     mov     Download (14 MB)  

Portuguese    wmv     mov     Download  (14 MB) 

Polish             wmv     mov     Download (14 MB) 

Greek             wmv     mov     Download  (14 MB)



ChooseESC! - Long Version 2007/English

 Windows Media    QuickTime

Download  (25,6 MB)       Download broadcasting quality (308 MB)

ChooseESC! - Launch Event Video 2007/English

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Download (29,5 MB)   Download in broacasting quality (323 MB)




Commissioner Reding speech on 1 July 2008: (click here)

Rally World Champion Sebastien Loeb at ChooseESC event Oct 2008 (click here)

Luxembourg Campaign Video 2009  Lux (3.5 MB),  PT (3.5 MB)  YouTube (click here)

Canadian ESC campaign video (click here)

Spanish ChooseESC Campaign video (click here)

Australian ESC Campaign video: (click here)

German television (SAT1) about ESC : (click here)

Italian television (Rai2) about ESC : (click here)

Slovakian television (TA3) about ESC : (click here)

Israeli version of the ESC video: (click here)

Top Gear - Fifth Gear - Bosch ESP (click here) 



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