This project has now ended. Read on to discover its highlights and achievements.

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Information related to the campaign

ChooseESC! brochure (2009)  pdf (1 MB)

ChooseESC! leaflets:

English pdf (1.8 MB)   Italian pdf (541 KB)
Chinese  pdf (1261 KB) Latvian  pdf (685 KB)
Czech      pdf (546 KB)  Lithuanian  pdf (533 KB)
Dutch     pdf (540 KB)    Portuguese pdf (543 KB)
Estonian  pdf (531 KB) Polish pdf  (546 KB) 
French pdf (544 KB)  Spanish pdf (543 KB) 
German pdf (545 KB)  Slovakian pdf (531 KB) 
Greek   pdf (637 KB) Slovenian pdf (546 KB) 
Hungarian  pdf (653 KB)  



Template ChooseESC! (released 1 April 2008): ppt (1258 KB)


Background paper on ESC (released 1 July 2008):  pdf (64 KB)


Euro NCAP ESC availability survey (released 8 May 2007): pdf (837 KB)


Euro NCAP 2008 ESC survery- 1 year on:  pdf (27 KB)


More information about ESC availability (click here)


ESC Penetration rate 2003 - HY07 by new car registration:  pdf (121 KB)


Proposal to develop a global technical regulation on ESC: pdf (34 KB)


University of Cologne - Cost benefit analysis of ESC:  pdf (42 KB)




Speeches and presentations from the campaign launch 8 May 2007:

Speaker Document
Max Mosley, FIA pdf (29 KB)
Viviane Reding, European Commission  pdf (42 KB)
Claes Tingvall, Euro NCAP  pdf (436 KB)
Ivan Hodac, ACEA pdf (452 KB)
James F Ports, NHTSA  pdf (28 KB)
Adrian Hobbs, Euro NCAP  pdf (1.8 MB)
Joel Valmain, European Commission  pdf (1.2 MB)
Ronald Medford, NHTSA pdf (222 KB)
Michael Case, TAC  pdf (1 MB)
Johann Grill, ADAC pdf (631 KB)
Herbert Baum, University of Cologne  pdf (95 KB)
Adrian Lund, IIHS pdf (377 KB)
Christina M Rudin-Brown, Transport Canada pdf (178 KB)


Other presentations:

Nicole Nason, Administrator, NHTSA - 6 December 2006: pdf (20 KB)

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 Event in Strasbourg 15 January 2008


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